Latest Past Events

Cannabis Drinks Expo SF 2022

South San Francisco Conference Center 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco

For anyone curious about the future direction of the cannabis industry in the United States, the place to be in 2022 will be the 3rd annual Cannabis Drinks Expo hosted by the Beverage Trade Network. This event, taking place on 28th July 2022 in San Francisco, will be the biggest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals ever, bringing together drinks...

$50 – $200

Happy 710 Day, aka “Oil Day” and “Dab Day”

710 Day is also known as Oil Day and National Dab Day. 710 Day is a celebration of Cannabis concentrates, oils, extracts and dabs such as: hash oil, shatter, batter (badder), diamonds, wax, rosin, live resin, crumble 710 spells OIL when viewed upside down an LED calculator, etc. Dabbing is placing a cannabis concentrate on...

Emerald Cup Awards 2022 – Green Street Festival Los Angeles

Green Street 718 S Hill St, Los Angeles

The 2022 Emerald Cup Awards will be presented on Saturday, May 14th in Downtown Los Angeles at the Green Street Festival Competition intake for the 18th annual Emerald Cup Awards began at the Harvest Ball in December '21. Since then, hundreds of entries representing California's finest have poured in to compete in over 50 different...